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Living with Diabetes?

Our Credentialled Diabetes Educators are here to support you with evidence-based advice tailored to your lifestyle.

We’re your partner in the long journey of living with diabetes. We’re here to:

  • Help you understand more about diabetes
  • Support you through treatment changes, such as starting on insulin or getting a new insulin pump
  • Support you through the changing seasons of life with a chronic condition
  • Listen to your struggles or frustrations without judgement
    Help you put the best advice on diabetes management into practice in a way that works for you.

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Macintyre Health
Telehealth for Diabetes

We’ve been using telehealth for diabetes management for nearly a decade.

Telehealth makes diabetes care easier to access since you’re not limited to a nearby provider. And you only need to set aside time for the actual appointment, not all the travel time that usually goes with it.

No matter where you live, you can use our telehealth service for your diabetes care. In fact, that’s exactly why we started our telehealth service all those years ago.

Then, we were providing care to people living across 1000 km of rural Queensland who had had no previous access to the skills of Credentialled Diabetes Educators. Now, we offer that same standard of accessible, highly skilled diabetes care to people across Australia.

Macintyre Health
Caring for a Patient with Diabetes?

We’re your partner too. Diabetes management requires a team of professionals, each using their particular skill set to help someone living with the condition.

Our Credentialled Diabetes Educators and Dietitians are part of that team.

When you refer a patient to Macintyre Health, you can be sure of our team approach. We will stay in touch with you regularly so you know how we’re caring for your patient.

That’s basic professional courtesy. But it’s also vital to effective diabetes management. It’s the coordinated care that every patient deserves.

Macintyre Health
Expertise in Diabetes Tech

At Macintyre Health, we’re known for our expertise in the high-tech end of diabetes care.

We’re highly experienced in using insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring, and hybrid closed-loop insulin pumps to manage type 1 diabetes.

Why do we find these gadgets so fascinating? Because they make living with type 1 diabetes easier for you. These treatment technologies help you balance diabetes management with the flexibility to enjoy life’s opportunities.

Macintyre Health
Our Clients

Our one-on-one, individualised approach suits people of all ages, from children through to older adults.

Maybe you need ongoing advice and diabetes education because you’re newly diagnosed or going through a big lifestyle change. Maybe you just want a one-off training session to understand your diabetes device.

Either way, we’re here for you. We can assist with:

  • Pre-diabetes
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Complex diabetes

Macintyre Health
Research-driven Diabetes Education

Macintyre Health’s Credentialled Diabetes Educators stay abreast of the very latest in diabetes research to ensure that you are getting the best support possible.

New technologies and other innovations are revolutionising diabetes management. Macintyre Health has access to the best of the best – and can bring it to you.

We are committed to making a positive difference to how you live your life.

Meet The Team


Laura Zimmerman created Macintyre Health with the vision to bring the best in diabetes health and wellness services to rural Australians. She wanted to give more people access to the highest quality of care without them having to travel long distances.


Helen grew up on a cattle station in rural Queensland and is passionate about quality healthcare access and outcomes for rural and regional Australians.


Nicole has over 6 years’ experience working as a Dietitian in New Zealand, the UK and Australia in a variety of clinical areas and predominantly in Diabetes. She keeps herself up to date with latest diabetes technologies and dietary tools to find what works for you.


Guided by the belief that every person needs individualised care, Rachael Baker is making a real difference to the lives of people living with diabetes in and around Brisbane. She is a wonderful addition to the Macintyre Health team.


With a strong passion for supporting and advocating for people with diabetes, Siobhan Barlow provides diabetes services to the Proserpine, Mackay and Greater Whitsunday region.


We are extremely lucky to have Kirsty Guilfoyle on the team as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator. Based in Tamworth, she also helps people in Moree and Narrabri to manage their diabetes and live life to the fullest.

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