Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Tip the scales in your favour by tackling all the factors involved in losing weight.

Macintyre Health provides personalised, evidence-based weight loss treatment that addresses both the medical and the lifestyle aspects of weight loss.

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What is medically supervised weight loss?

Medically supervised weight loss is a comprehensive and supportive approach to losing weight which is often overseen by a doctor.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

We hear you! It’s hard to lose weight using conventional approaches because they don’t address all the factors involved.

Thankfully, science is catching up to the lived experience of countless people who have tried and tried to lose weight only to feel a sense of shameful failure when it didn’t work.

The old belief that weight loss simply involved eating less and exercising more is now being challenged. Yes, a better diet and more activity are important elements of weight loss. But that’s not the full story.

medically supervised weight loss
A holistic approach to weight loss

A holistic approach to weight loss

Your body uses a highly complex system to manage weight, involving your gut microbiome, hormones, nervous system messages and hypothalamus. We now think obesity happens when this complex system breaks down in some way.

The evidence shows we need a holistic treatment approach to obesity that looks at a person’s hormones, health conditions, environment and psychology.

Tip the scales in your favour

Medically supervised weight addresses the many different factors that contribute to weight gain in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical conditions
  • Hormones
Here’s how it works.
Your GP/Specialist Macintyre Health
Supportive, understanding, encouraging approach
Medical check up Managing hormonal influences that affect weight
Treatment for medical conditions that influence weight Show you how to enjoy a tasty, healthy diet that works well for diabetes
Medication to regulate hormones Exercise advice to help you find a physical activity you enjoy
Ongoing progress check ups Optimising diabetes treatment as necessary

What’s the relationship between weight and diabetes?

As you get heavier, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases because:

  • Your size means you need more insulin – but your pancreas can’t keep up with the increased demand
  • Your tissues become resistant to insulin and don’t use it as well as they need to.

The good news is that losing weight can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. If you are living with diabetes already, losing weight may make your diabetes easier to manage and, in some cases, may send your diabetes into remission.

That’s because your pancreas is able to meet all or most of the demands of your lighter body. If you still need medication or insulin injections, it’s likely that you’ll take a lower dose. Added to which, your body is more sensitive to insulin – increased physical activity helps your tissues use insulin well.

Losing weight means you can:

  • Enjoy a more active lifestyle without being held back by your weight
  • Feel more confident
  • Improve your overall health
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes complications.

Weight loss support at Macintyre Health

Managing weight is an important part of diabetes prevention and treatment, which is why Macintyre Health has a special interest in helping patients who want to slim down.

If you are living with diabetes, Macintyre Health helps you manage it in a way that works well for you. Losing weight can help to improve your diabetes.

If you’re pre-diabetic, then we’re here to help you make the most of the opportunity to redirect your health. By reaching a healthy weight and being more active, you may be able to nip diabetes in the bud.

We know there’s no one size that fits all. So we tailor a diabetes plan to you, taking into account your personality and lifestyle to help you improve your metabolic health and your time in the optimal blood glucose range.

We work closely with other professionals like your GP or endocrinologist.

Would you like us to help your patient?

If you’re a GP, endocrinologist or cardiologist, it’s likely that you see many patients who would benefit from losing weight. You give them the best advice you can about a healthy lifestyle but you know they need more support.

We’re here to journey alongside patients like that, helping them to understand how their body works and optimising prevention and treatment for patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

When you refer a patient to Macintyre Health, you can be sure of our team approach. We will stay in touch with you regularly so you know how we’re caring for your patient.

That’s basic professional courtesy. But it’s also vital to effective diabetes management. It’s the coordinated care that every patient deserves.


All information is general in nature. Patients should consider their own personal circumstances.