Glucose Monitoring Systems

With standard capillary glucose check, you prick your finger, drop a bit of blood onto a testing strip and then wait for your device to produce a reading. Right then, you know what your blood glucose is – but that’s the only bit of information you have. You don’t know whether it’s stable, climbing up or heading down. You won’t have more information until your next blood glucose check, and the more you check, the more you feel like a pincushion.


You don’t have to live with that frustration. Continuous and Flash Glucose Monitoring devices can assist in reducing the amount of fingerpricks. Your fingertips will thank you!

*Medicare rebates may be available –
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Benefits of Glucose Monitoring Systems


Understand your glucose patterns


Optimise diabetes management


Reduce the number of severe hypos


Reduce the risk of long-term complications


Less stress and worry about your diabetes


Have the insight and the ability to get off the diabetes rollercoaster

Continuous or Flash Glucose Monitoring: What's the Difference?

Continuous and flash glucose monitoring systems both use a sensor that measures the level of glucose in your interstitial fluid (the glucose between your cells). This gives you a more complete picture of your blood glucose excursions throughout the day and night, meaning you can identify patterns and find ways to optimise your management. There are important differences between the two systems.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM)

  • Dexcom G6

  • Dexcom G5

  • Dexcom G4

  • Medtronic Guardian Connect

  • Medtronic Guardian Link 2

  • Medtronic Guardian Connect 3

  • Medtronic Guardian Link 3

Freestyle Libre is the only FGM approved in Australia.
Continuously transmits sensor data to phone and/or pumpShows current sensor reading plus the last 8 hours of data when you wave the reader or phone (via app) over the sensor
Pre-programmed alerts for when your glucose is out of your target rangeThe version currently available in Australia does not have pre-programmed alerts available
Integrates with some insulin pumps or can be used by itselfUsed only by itself. Does not currently integrate with insulin pumps

*Medicare rebates may be available –
see pricing information here