Telehealth for Diabetes Management

We’ve been doing telehealth since before it was cool. Our experienced clinicians have been treating people with diabetes remotely for the better part of a decade.

It’s not new to us. In fact, we like it this way. In a big country like Australia, telemedicine overcomes the barrier of distance. It enables patients and referring doctors to choose the best healthcare provider for their diabetes management, not just the nearest one.

You can use our telehealth service for all aspects of your diabetes care, including:

Upgrading your Insulin Pump – We liaise with your specialist, your health fund and the supplier to upgrade your pump then we show you how to use it.

Glucose Monitoring – Using CGM or flash glucose monitoring, we show you how to use the device and interpret the data to reach your management goals.

Review Appointments – While staying safe at home, you can continue to see your trusted Credentialled Diabetes Educator or Dietitian at a time convenient for you.

Action Plans – We work with you to establish an action plan to help you manage your diabetes well.

*Medicare rebates may be available – see pricing information here

Choose Macintyre Health for Diabetes Care Despite Distance

Diabetes Educators

High-level credentialled diabetes educators

expert advice

Expert advice to improve your diabetes management


Close collaboration with referring doctors, allied health and the broader diabetes team

Easy to use

Easy to use on any computer or device


Convenient and accessible

Pioneers of Telehealth

Telehealth was in its infancy when our founder Laura Zimmerman worked in her role as a clinical nurse specialist for NSW health in 2015 prior to opening Macintyre Health in 2017. We were working in the vast expanse of rural Queensland and knew that many people couldn’t access the care they needed because it was just too far away.

There are many barriers to accessing healthcare, but we had the power to remove the barrier of distance. Our game-changing telehealth service provided coordinated diabetes care to people living in a 1000km area with no historic consistent and coordinated access to the services of a Credentialled Diabetes Educator.

Our diabetes telehealth service has now helped many people with diabetes across Australia and internationally. We’ve passed on our skills to other healthcare professionals, teaching them how to deliver high-quality care through telehealth so that even more people can benefit.

Advances in diabetes technology now make it easier than ever to manage your diabetes through our telehealth service. With telehealth, your diabetes appointments don’t interrupt your life so much. There’s no travel time, parking stress, or waiting around. You just upload data from your device, continue with your day, chat to us at the agreed time, then go straight back to whatever you were doing.

*Medicare rebates may be available –
see pricing information here

If you have more questions or would like to speak to our reception team, please call us on 1300 220 914.

How Our Diabetes Telehealth Service Works

1. Make an Appointment
You can decide to do this yourself, get a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan from your GP, or ask your specialist to refer you.


2. Initial Consultation
We use Coviu for your telehealth appointment. We like Coviu because it was first created within the Australian research organisation CSIRO and is built for telehealth (learn more about using it here). Before your appointment, you’ll receive some automated emails and texts giving you information, support and instruction about your telehealth appointment. At your first consultation, we’ll talk through your goals for your diabetes care and recommend the best next step.


3. Data Uploads
We’re happy with a high-tech or low-tech approach to reviewing your glucose levels. If you’re using an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring or flash glucose device, you can upload your data securely into the patient portal of Clinic to Cloud (if you need help, we’re happy to show you). If you’re writing your glucose levels in a diary, you can scan that and send it to us.


4. Manage Your Diabetes Your Way
We’ll provide you with tools and strategies that fit with your lifestyle and your goals to improve your diabetes management. We tailor our evidence-based advice to suit you so you can live the life you love.


5. Payment
Payment is due in full at the end of your consultation. We’ll ask you for your card details and process your payment using our EFTPOS machine.

If you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan, please present this to us before your first appointment as we may be able to claim these item numbers on your behalf if the care plan visits are assigned to our clinicians.

Another option is to present your paid invoice to Medicare or to your private health fund as you may be able to claim a rebate for our services, which is usually paid into your nominated bank account within 24 hours.


6. Communication
You can use the patient portal of Clinic to Cloud to upload your referral, care plan, blood glucose data, and reports from other members of your diabetes team, as well as to book future appointments. We’ll also send correspondence (with your permission) to the other members of your diabetes team, such as your GP and specialist after our review.

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