Meet Laura

Director and Founder, Nurse Practitioner Candidate and Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Laura Zimmerman created Macintyre Health with the vision to bring the best in diabetes health and wellness services to rural Australians. She wanted to give more people access to the highest quality of care without them having to travel long distances.

Graduating from the University of Queensland’s School of Nursing in 2008, Laura went on to gain postgraduate certifications in both Chronic Disease Self-Management Advising and Diabetes Education and Management (High Distinction).

Prior to Macintyre Health, she worked as a grade 2 Clinical Nurse Specialist, Diabetes Educator and Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator alongside some of the best endocrinologists and chronic disease educators in the field. She is currently the Chair of the Queensland branch of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association; and is a respected speaker and lecturer on diabetes management.

“I am absolutely committed to helping people with diabetes to live their best lives – no matter where their home may be.”

More About Laura

1. In May 2020 Laura was appointed as National Convenor of the PP SIG (Private Practice Special Interest Group) for ADEA (Australian Diabetes Educators Association).

2. With a passion for helping others, Laura was a finalist in the Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Women’s Network Woman of the Year in 2019.

3. Thanks to her exemplary academic record, Laura is now a member of the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society.

4. Hailing from America, Laura loves snow and water skiing – challenging pursuits when living in remote Queensland!

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